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Stryker is one of the rare dogs that has what we wanted in our breeding program.

Updated: May 12

The time has arrived for us to finally get a stud dog that we thought was to good to pass up with his pedigree and track record. Stryker was trained by the famous Omer Mehmedovic in the Netherlands to be a KNPV titled dog as well as an IGP 3 titled male. After having to make some changes Stryker had to be rehomed and Omer was kind enough to let us have the opportunity to own this special dog. Stryker has his BH, IGP 1 and VZH titles. He was x-rayed in Europe and his elbows and hips are great. He also tested clear medically for any diseases. This is the write up on him from our stud page:

Stryker is a very powerful male with all of the attributes you look for in a working dog. He has already produced working dogs in the Netherlands for sport, protection, and the military. Stryker was trained in KNPV and IGP from an early age. He has amazing nerves, drive, and a seriousness to work. He is a beast when he needs to be yet social with his family and pack.

Stryker has some of the most sought after "Perle de Tourbiere" lines available today. With Dackx Perle de Tourbiere KNPV titled and Nike Perle de Tourbiere KNPV titled on his dam's side. Halden "Shadow" an IGP 3 in world class competition and a tracking legend in the Netherlands is on his sire's side .

We invite you to check out the training videos our youtube and see for yourself.



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