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 We have Multiple Litters  from Titled Parents with Different genetic traits each year but to find exactly what you are looking for in your forever family member we have a 1 year waiting list right now ( most times we can match what you need in less than 6 months ) Different litters will have different traits that are suitable for what you would like. We have older puppies in protection/ sport training/ and family protection dogs for you year round .

This questionnaire is designed to help Outlaw Malinois and yourself determine if a specific dog/puppy is the right one for you and your household. All interested parties are required to complete this form. Outlaw Malinois reserves the right to deny any placement based on answers to this questionnaire and/or interviews prior to placement!


Puppy or Dog Application
Are You Looking For
Do You Live In A
Do You
Do You Have Any Of The Following
Have You Ever Given Up A Pet

Let us know what you are looking for

What are you looking to do with your dog?
Which Sex Do You Prefer

Dogs Need Jobs! Outlaw Malinois dogs are dogs that need jobs. Not looking for a dog for any of the above jobs that were described? No worries. We firmly believe the best job out there is beloved family companion! Not every puppy in the litter is destined for the high energy work demanded of police, search and rescue, or top sport, etc...

 That being said, remember, we really don’t have couch potatoes, either! Don’t get me wrong, our dogs can typically settle in the house but they will need some type of job, even if that job is being your running partner, rounding up all the balls in the yard with you, or doing the best down stay ever. It is critical for Malinois to have a job to focus on so that they don’t, ahem, create their own jobs, which might not be as satisfactory to you as if you wrote the job description!

Puppy Selection Process

 We understand that puppies are cute and that it is easy to fall in love based on a certain “cuteness factor”. We do not believe in allowing people to simply choose a puppy based on looks. We will never sell a puppy based on a photo. We do not place puppies by first come first serve. We keep your application and identify the traits that are best suited for you. We have a sort of profile that we are looking for each person based on their needs, desires, experience, skill level and plans with the puppy. Rarely are there two people looking for exactly the same puppy. As we go through the puppy testing, we build a profile of each puppy. This profile is based on years of this standardized testing and follow up. It is usually pretty clear which puppy is best suited for which homes. We work WITH you to guide you through this process. .


 We focus on temperament when making puppy “profiles”.   Color is really a last consideration, however we recognize that if “everything else was equal” sometimes there are color preferences (I am personally in love with a dark Malinois, but I have every color of dog out there, as temperament and work ethic are my number one considerations); if you have any preferences (no guarantees that the right temperament would be the right color) please let us know.


 We are often asked “but what if I fall in love with a certain puppy?”. That depends on why you fall in love. We believe chemistry is important and that is a factor...however, if this happens, we will discuss at length the profile of the puppy; your profile; any discrepancies; the probability of success or how to overcome those discrepancies. We will make the decision with you, however, if I know that it is absolutely a poor choice with a poor probability of outcome, I cannot in good conscience make that placement. I have to say, that is pretty rare, as most people seem very open to the process and there isn’t a huge surprise as we are narrowing down the choices.

What Are Your Plans
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