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Protection Dogs For Sale

We will try to update every month some of the trained dogs we have available.

Available Trained Dogs

Frankie of Braveheart. She is a Mondio Ring 2 Female that is elite in sports. She was invited to the world championships in mondio ring 1. She is high energetic and is an incredible female. If you would like aditional information or videos please contact us. She is $27,000 USD

an 11 month old male that was trained in Europe. His is located in the states now. He is an Ingo van de Lemahof KNPV Ph2 grandson. He is good with kids and great in the house. Has all his basic commands. He is priced at $12,000

Millie Bohemia Felicitas Is located in Europe and is being trained daily to be an IGP 3 dog. She is 13 months and about to get her BH. She is great with other dogs and kids. She is well socialized and easy going yet fast as lighting on the bite. She would be an excellent family protector. She is priced at $12,000 shipping will be an additional cost.

He was imported from holland and is IGP 1 titled and knpv and ppd trained. He is a lamb with his family but a lion with strangers he is a true dog that will bite someone who walks into your house and not just bark. He is for a more experienced dog handler. He is priced at $17,000

We also have some 4 month old pups for sale for 5k that are trained and some 8 month olds and a 16 month old female right now.

Please reach out to us about what you are looking for and let us help you find the perfect family protection dog.

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