Green to Finished Dogs

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Protection Dogs For Sale

Here at Outlaw Malinois we strive to keep a full inventory of dogs in all stages of training including young/green dogs, personal/family protection dogs, and  Dual Purpose Police K-9′s.  Due to the increased demand for personal and family protection dogs we are not able to keep this page up to date with our available dogs at this time. Contact us today to discuss a protection dog tailored to your needs. If we do not have what you need we have plenty of connections to get you what you are looking for. Please note all sales are final unless stated otherwise in the buyers agreement.

Levels of Protection Dogs offered here at Outlaw:

Import Pup: A 4-6 month old started pup from our Kennel in Europe. This pup will be imprinted, socialized and will have began training with some of the top dog sport trainers in Europe. The pup will have the beginnings of "luring" style obedience and will be already working in bite work. Typically a dog at this age has already began bite development on both the puppy sleeve and bite suit. A dog at this level will need to continue training upon arrival here in the US.  Pricing: $5000-7000

Young Dog: This is an imported pup described above that has been left with our trainers for a bit longer. As the dog matures we are able to expect more from the animal. One of our young dogs will be 10-15 months of age and will have more advanced obedience, bite work, and possibly some agility training. A dog at this level knows all of the protection exercises he or she is just a bit too young to handle a real situation just yet. This is a dog that would need some training upkeep while he/she finished maturing with a new family. Pricing $8500-15000.