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Imported Puppies from the Netherlands

We are excited that we lucked into these 4 special Dutch imported Belgian Shepherd Malinois puppies. Not only are they beautiful but they have an amazing pedigree .Here is the working dog profile on the pups:

The sire on the puppy's is Q'Steel de Sol Casa is a stunning self sure male, dominant character. Very intelligent, superb working drives. Very hard full bite, great tracker. A male with all the working qualities you are looking for. Who is in training for KNPV PH-1 and IPO. Del so casa is an incredible trainer with some of the best dogs in the world.

Q'Steel de Sol Casa pictured below

His sire is Halden who is a dark beautiful IGP 3 world competition dog.

Halden pictured below

His dam is Nicky de Sol Casa she is KNPV PH-1 titled and IGP 3 titled

Nicky de Sol Casa pictured below

the dam on the puppies is Debster's Eden

Debster's Eden pictured below

her sire is Astor a KNPV PH-1 and IGP 3 titled male

Astor pictured below

His sire is famous Dackx Perle de Tourbière KNPV titled

Dackx Perle de Tourbière pictured below

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