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We are excited to get the opportunity to get such an amazing dog from Europe. Umara has been trained by some of the best trainers in the world and has some of the best bloodlines in the world. Her Dam was Arrack's Home Wikkie was Mondio Ring 3 Titled. Her sire is Aaros a famous KNPV PH-2 Stud. She was known as a strong female who was social enough with excellent drives much like Umara. Umara's Sire Hot Dog des Deux Sabres is a rare and special dog that we are excited to have his bloodlines now in future pups. Hot Dog des Deux Sabres has French Ring 3 and Mondio Ring 3 titles in not only reginal and national competitions but on international competitions and is a Multiple France Champion. Umara has already produced working pups with some doing IGP/Mondio/ and Police work. We are looking forward to seeing the amazing pups she will produce for us in the future.

Arrack's Home Wikkie MR 3 Pictured below

Hot Dog des Deux Sabres FR3 MR 3 Titled Pictured Below

Umara Of Braveheart Oradinum MR1 Pictured Below

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